A Regional Flavour

Making commercials with a strong regional flavour is a speciality. After all, your audience has to feel comfortable with what they're seeing. At JS, this is one of our strengths.

Bajaj M80
A commercial for motorcycles - with a distinct southern flavour.
Storyboard here

A successful commercial that captures the soul of the south.
Storyboard here

Meera Shikakai
For a local brand of herbal hair conditioner, this commercial was extremely had high recall value.
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A selection of our work...
Long Associations
Preethi Mixies
Commercials that have built a brand identity.
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One of our early films - so successful that it had to be pulled off air till production could be stepped up.
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"JS - they made an excellent commercial for us. But their business sense seems odd! They actually advised us against making another film because they believed the earlier one had plenty of life yet! We realised later they were right."
- GM, Preethi Mixies

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