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Since its inception, JS Films has produced more than 250 commercial films and that number is constantly on the rise, proving our detailed efforts and focus on a clients’ brand and its message.

Here is a selection of our work, from single clients to companies that have come back to us repeatedly to effectively promote their brand. Our commercials speak volumes of the effort that goes into every 30 seconds your brand message airs and captivates…


A Selection of our work ...
Many advertisers and agencies who simply leave everything to us, basic concept, scripting - almost everything. We start our work with a marketing perspective. And it works. Here is a selection of some of our work.

Click here to see some of our work - done over the years.

Clip from Milo
A clip from the ad film for Milo.
Clip from MRF Golf
A clip from the MRF Golf film.

Long Associations
There are several clients and agencies, whom we've grown with. And some brands with whom we've had a decade long association. Clients who have satisfied enough to come back to us. Again and again.

Click here to see some films for clients with whom we've had a Long Association.

A Regional Flavour
A JS strength. Films that have been made to cater to the southern region of India. Necessary in a country like ours where huge barriers exisit from region to region.

Click here to check out some of our work with a Regional Flavour

Clip from Escotel
A Clip from the film for Escotel.

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