A selection of our work...

Here are storyboards for a selection of some of the work - some new films, some old ones. Just click on the links below. And if you want to see more - email us at info@jsfilms.com, and we'll send you our complete showreel.

How a film can position a compact gas stove as a portable kitchen - using cricket!
Storyboard here
A perfect example of how a demanding client, enthusiastic agency and a committed film maker can create wonders.
Storyboard here
GE Plastics
A corporate film for GE - conceived of and shot like an ad film.
Storyboard here
Harpic Toilet Cleaner
The little girl wouldn't hide in the bathroom till she was promised a train ride for every shot!
Storyboard here
HMT Watches
The objective was to showcase the range and beauty of HMT watches by showcasing India.
Storyboard here
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Long Associations
A Regional Flavour
Maggie Noodles
A one off film that had our director turn dog trainer.
Storyboard here
Two films that are remembered today, almost 6 years after they were aired.
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The clients wanted a high quality commercial. We took up the challenge - absorbing whatever was spent over the budget.
Storyboard here
TVS Tyres
Can tyres take an emotional route?
Storyboard here

"The film JS made for Regaul worked so well that the makers of Robin Blue (our competitors) who were ready to give up on the liquid blue market started vigourous campaigning!"
- CEO, Regaul

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